CLUP is actively involved in the following post-graduate programmes in Language Sciences, Language Teaching and Translation at the University of Porto:

The students of these programmes are regular users of our specialised library and are invited to participate in all the seminars and conferences organised by CLUP. Some students are also invited to take part in the organisation of events and activities and to become permanent members of the CLUP team. Most of the supervisors of students’ theses and dissertations are permanent researchers at CLUP.

CLUP collaborates closely with some undergraduate degree courses, especially with the first-cycle degree programme in Language Sciences. Students of this degree course are welcome to take part in the Centre’s activities and are encouraged to use its resources and facilities. Most of the teaching staff in the Language Sciences course are also researchers at CLUP.

In line with our commitment to the early integration of all students in CLUP’s daily activities, our latest conferences included special sessions devoted to the presentation of students’ research. Always along this line, it should be noted that one of the centre’s online journals, eLingUP, is specifically oriented to the publication of papers by graduate and undergraduate students.